Plurk Backlinks are Not DoFollow

So it turns out that Plurk does not provide dofollow backlinks according to the Chrome SeoQuake extension (see image below).  So, I will be removing them from the dofollow backlinks list. This does not devalue the link , because we need to make sure that our link profile must have dofollow and nofollow links.  

Plurk Dofollow Backlinks in 2021

Plurk dofollow backlinks are being reported on several seo and digital marketing blogs, so Plurk has initially been added to the dofollow backlinks list. What is Plurk? Plurk is a social media network that offers microblogging as well as some other features to its user base. Think of it as a wanna be Twitter. It does appear to be a good idea and if built our right could be a solid linking opportunity. However, it appears that some of the features have been blocked unless you purchase Plurk coins, which honestly appear to be not worth it, even if Plurk dofollow backlinks are a thing. Are Plurk Dofollow Backlinks Still Available? My initial plurk post (link will open in a new tab/window) about my dofollow …

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