How Much Does Domain Affect SEO – Good or Bad in 2021

how much does domain affect seo How much does domain affect SEO factors when it comes to ranking? Google uses over 200 ranking factors in their current algorithm. Out of these, your domain name is one of the known ranking factors that Google considers. While Google looks at things like backlinks more than they look at your domain, it is important to realize that is a factor that determines your ranking.

Below, we are gonna take a look at what Google takes a look at when it comes to your domain name and exactly how much does domain name affect seo for your website.

How Much Does Domain Affect SEO

Below are some of the factors Google looks at and will show you actually how much does domain affect seo factors for your site.

1 –  Domain Age – According to Matt Cutts (check out the video here – link opens in a new window/tab), the domain age matters, but it is not a really important factor when it comes to how well your site will rank.

2 – Registration Length – According to Google, legitimate websites often register their domains for several years in advance, while less legit or spammy sites are rarely registered and used for more than a year. My personal take is that is kind of biased on a businesses good luck I guess. Meaning that a legitimate business idea may not take off as well as the owner intended or hoped, but could also become a huge success and neither of these factors are based upon how long the domain was registered. However, what I think does not matter since I am not in charge at Google. You can read more about it here.

3 – Domain History – A domain with several drops or changes in ownership may let Google know it needs to reset the domain history, thus negating any links that may be pointing to the domain as well as any positive factors the domain may hold. The new domain owner may also receive the benefit of the obtaining any penalty that Google has assigned the domain (info here).

4 – Keywords – Having a keyword rich domain name does not guarantee you rankings. In fact, having a keyword in your domain name will provide a signal of relevancy, but will not provide boost in SEO or rankings.

However, a domain name that has a keyword at the beginning of the domain will have a small edge over sites that have the keyword in the middle or at the end or no keyword at all in the domain name.

5 – Exact Match Domains – These domains used to give you the edge in ranking, but those are gone for the most part. You may get a small edge when it comes to ranking, but if your site is a low quality / spammy type site filled with affiliate offers or Adsense ads; it will more than likely be hit with the old but still in use EMD update (read more here).

6 – TLD Extensions – While the .com of any domain is favored, it is hard to find any decent ones available without paying a premium price. If that is the case for your domain, it is best to stick with the .net version first and then .co or .org. You should always avoid the .biz, .info, etc TLD’s because they will not receive as much traffic. That being said, a .info does not guarantee you a bad ranking just as a .com does not guarantee you a #1 placement in Google.

As far as Country TLD extensions, they may give you an edge in that particular country, but it can hurt your ability to rank on a global level.

7 – WhoIS – According to Matt Cutts (read more here), a private WhoIs may be considered a sign of trying to hide something in the eyes of Google, especially when combined with several other factors.

Also something to keep in mind, if Google thinks you are a spammer (whether true or not), the may closely scrutinize all domains owned by that person and assess penalties on all the domains owned by that particular individual.

There you go, I hope this information was helpful to you and shows you just how much does domain affect seo factors in 2021. I will take a look at On Page factors next week.