FREE Top Dofollow Backlinks List for 2021

dofollow backlinks listDofollow backlinks are the most sought after links for increasing your search engine rankings. However, not all backlinks are good (dofollow or nofollow) and you really should focus on the quality and not just the quantity of all your links.

Gone are the days of spammy backlinks from article directories and forum comments or PBN’s with low quality spun articles. Yes they still work and there are plenty of people that swear by those services, however, they are normally affiliates that are after quick rank n bank cash and are not looking to stay ranked long.

Your goal should be to build a solid backlink foundation and profile that will produce solid rankings and you quite simply cannot achieve this goal with low quality backlinks.

If you have hired an seo agency, take a look at your backlinks to ensure that they are not creating spammy low quality links. You can do this for some of the links for free by going to google and entering site: . You can also use tools provided by sites such as ahrefs and

Dofollow Backlinks List

Below I provide you with the best dofollow backlinks list of sites that you can use to help build out a solid backlink profile and foundation. Make sure you build these links out as much as possible with relevant content, image, etc.

Please note that the dofollow backlinks list below is not going to be as large as many sites offering a dofollow backlinks list because I am not going to list what I feel are junk sites or those that may be considered spammy to the search engines. To ensure these links are legit and will provide you with a solid backlink profile, I will be verifying each link before adding.

I will update the list as much as possible and if you have some suggestions for additional sites or find a site that is no longer dofollow or has moved to a redirect contact me (link will open in a new tab/window) and I will take a look and make the needed updates. Please note that all links will open in a new window or tab.

Carrd – Carrd allows you to create small one page sites about your business that currently includes dofollow backlink status. Take some time and build this out. Include relevant information about your business and add a couple of social media links as well. While the site is free, it will only cost $19 to give them some love for a year and help keep them in business.

Flip Board – This site allows you to submit your blog post content to their original link in your site and currently provides a dofollow link back to your site. Make sure the content is original and relevant to your niche/business and is original. Do not post duplicate content from your site.

Refind – Sign up and submit content for a dofollow link back to your site. Make sure the content on the link you provide is relevant to your webpage content.

PRLog – Create a company profile and submit a press release to get a link back to your website. Links are currently dofollow and this is a great opportunity to grab a link as well as get some press about your business.

MySpace – Yep, it is still around and currently provides a dofollow link back your site. This is an opportunity to build out a social network profile with media that is relevant to your business.

Reddit – Create a community about your business or brand and provide regular relevant content. Add links in the sidebar of your community to your business or other relative sites. Please note that links within posts, replys, etc are being shown as nofollow.