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Freelance SEO Specialist

Hi, I am SEO Matt and I am a freelance SEO specialist that provides all around SEO services to small and medium sized businesses focusing on all facets of search engine optimization including, local SEO, on page SEO, off page SEO as well as content writing, competitor analysis and SEO audits.

Freelance SEO Specialist – What I DO

On page SEO – Keyword utilization, headings, internal linking, etc. Unless hired on a retainer, this is a one time project and only needs an annual review unless your site changes often.
Technical SEO – Site speed, mobile-friendly, schema, etc. This is important because it ensures your site is easy to crawl, navigate, etc and should be done on an annual basis.
Off page SEO – Building white hat links through outreach and citations. This can be done through one off projects or month retainer, but just keep in mind that consistency is key to keeping the rankings on achieved.
Competitor Analysis – Where your competition stands and what they are doing for their rankings. This is a one off project or part of the retainer.
Content Creation – SEO optimized content created specifically for your business. This can be either a monthly service or one off projects as needed.
SEO Audit – Find out how your site looks from an SEO stand point and see how any past SEO companies have performed. One time project.

Why work with SEO Matt?

With over 15 years SEO experience, I have worked with clients of all sizes and truly love my work. From my work and growth in SEO to my freedom as a freelance SEO specialist, I am truly humbled to have been blessed with my life.

I have ranked clients in the VoIP, web development and other tech industry niches, to local painters and plumbers as well as performance marketing companies that generates revenue through affiliate sites in a wide array of niches.

The only thing I do not like about the SEO industry is the snake oil salesman that have turned this industry into a questionable industry. The ones who promise a certain position or who blast your site with non relevant black hat links to boost your rankings and then blame Google algo when you lose rankings.

Listen, SEO works and works well; but it does not work overnight and will take some commitment. Established sites 3-9 months depending on what has been done previously and if we are fixing any issues. New sites 5-12 months depending on the niche and size of site.

What I can guarantee is honesty and integrity and that the end result is that your business rankings will be the very best they can be through white hat SEO.

I am not going to promise you any ranking on Google. Why? I do not own Google, I have no control over anything that happens at Google; therefore I cannot and will not guarantee you any SERP (search engine results page) positions.

Exclusivity – When you work with me, I will not work with your competitors as long as you are my client.

No Contracts – I do not require long term contracts and you can work with me through projects or through retainer. While I do not require retainer or monthly contracts, please know that SEO is not a hit it and quit it game. Effective SEO requires a commitment to success.

Again, proper SEO is an ongoing commitment. However, most businesses do require thousands of dollars per month retainer to maintain their rankings. Some months will require very little and others will require a lot. I recommend 3 to 10 hours per month depending on niche, whether it is a national or local campaign and other factors; with most companies requiring and average of 5-6 hours per month in upkeep/maintenance.

If you do want a contract or would like to prepay for a couple of months at a time, I do offer discounts.

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